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by Hometown Realty on August 29, 2011

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Any parent of a college student knows that housing is one of the most expensive aspects of those college years. More & more parents are taking advantage of the buyer’s market to purchase condos for their kids to live in through college. Rather than dumping money into on-campus housing, they are considering the benefits of the investment – equity, tax deductions, etc.

When you consider college costs & housing, it might be time to sit with a realtor & talk through the costs of owning a condo & do some comparing. You will very likely see some cost savings.

There are a lot of things to consider & be aware of in the process of buying (both in terms of lifestyle & math), but in today’s market, it’s definitely worth a good close look.

Make sure you work with an agent who knows both the area & the market well. For some guidance, contact the Hometown Realty team at (760) 798-1784.


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