Could Your Home use a Detox?

by Hometown Realty on January 3, 2012

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After the gluttony of the holidays, many people start the new year off with some form of detox — whether a fast, a new diet or some other form of internal ‘cleansing’.

What about your house? Could it use a little ‘detoxing’?

Here are some simple ways to get your house back on track with a fresh start to the new year.

  • Get rid of what’s not being used. You probably collected your fair share of holiday gifts and may be struggling to find somewhere to put them. At the same time, there are probably shelves and cupboards that house items you haven’t used even once this whole year. Don’t be afraid to cut loose with some of those items. Make a donation to AmVets or Goodwill or another local agency. Gather up those kitchen gadgets, tools, clothes, linens and other items that you just don’t need often enough to justify the space. Let someone else benefit from them this year.
  • Rethink your storage space. There are all kinds of creative storage solutions. Take a look at your storage space. Are you maximizing that space? Gather up some new storage containers, pay a visit to the Container Store for ideasĀ or browse around online to discover someĀ creative storage solutions you didn’t know you had.
  • Assess the hazards. Hazardous materials tend to sneak up on us. Have you collected a pile of electronics or computers that need to be recycled? Are there extra paint cans sitting around that need to be disposed of? What about the cleaning agents you use in your home? Are there healthier alternatives?
  • Tackle your garden. What better time to weed, trim, and prune? Get your garden or backyard cleared out and trimmed back and fertilize so your plants have the opportunity to welcome new growth when spring arrives.
  • Enhance your view. You may not even realize the film you’re looking at through your windows. A thorough cleaning of your windows will be like lifting a fog off of your home.
  • Bring in new life. Of course, as with any detox program, it’s not just about what you REMOVE, it’s also about what you ADD. How about a few new house plants, which help pull toxins from the air and bring the benefits of nature into your home.

What will you do to detox your home?

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