When to Sell? Is now the time?

by Hometown Realty on September 19, 2011

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If you’re thinking about selling your home in the months ahead, now might be the perfect time. There are several things that make the current market and timing ideal, if you’re serious about selling your home.

1. Fall is here. If you’re thinking of selling, you want to do it before the winter season. Things quiet down during the holidays, etc. So, if you’re going to sell, getting your home on the market now will allow you to take advantage of this window as spring/summer listings slow down and winter approaches.

2. Things are hard to predict. If more homes come on the market next year, you may have less to compete with right now. You can beat the influx of new inventory by selling now.

3. Conditions are ideal for buyers to secure a great mortgage. Again, no one can predict what will happen next with mortgage rates and availability. Now is a great time for buyers in the right position to get a fantastic mortgage, which means great conditions for making sure your home gets snatched up by the right buyer.

4. If you’re considering selling, you’re probably considering buying something else yourself. Again, it’s a great time to buy. You can find great rates and great deals yourself, which means selling now will allow you to take advantage of the same deals your new buyer is likely to get.

If you’d like to learn more about current market conditions – what price you can get for your home – and whether now is the time to make the move – contact our office. ¬†Our team of experts can help ensure you sell your home quickly at the best price.

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